Your aspirations for an international degree and exposure, along with the experience of a lifetime that education abroad offers and at the same time gain essential life skills, all by making a choice: to study abroad.

Make your dream come true with EIG!

Once you make a decision to study abroad but still not decided what to study? Or you have chosen the course of your choice but not the destination? We help you in finding your perfect choice for pursuing higher education based on various parameters and personal preferences. It is essential to conduct your research by yourself even if you seek professional consulting on education abroad.

EIG provides you with all the necessary details that are essential for you to make your choice for your preferred destination and kickstart your educational journey, ensuring that you would not make a wrong decision. With our consistency in sending aspirational students abroad to pursue their dream course, you can safely place your confidence with us.


Studying abroad allows you to choose from a wide range of courses to explore from top universities and experience a holistic educational program and puts you ahead in terms of hands-on experience and knowledge. Adding to this, education outside India also widens your perspective of the world while facing challenges due to various factors but mainly international exposure at the start of your career. Education abroad also helps in developing your network, which is an essential factor moving forward with your career. Studying abroad enables you to gain skills; upon graduation, you are open to vast employment opportunities, with companies in India giving a preference to a graduate from a reputed university abroad compared to a graduate domestically. Besides academics, living in a different country helps you to learn new cultures and languages since you immerse in another country.



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